Caritas Catholic
Church International

We believe in Unity in essentials,
Diversity in non-essentials,
and above all, Charity

Caritas Catholic Church International

is founded on the spiritual principles that all
spiritual progress must first begin with God’s truth and
a personal encounter, relationship and vision with Jesus Christ as Lord.

God’s Truth in Love is the foundation
for the gathering of the Church of Jesus Christ. There is
but one Church of Jesus Christ and all who belong to Him belong to His Church.

Faith, Hope and Love are the forces
that fire our vision and sustain us as we
grow and learn to enjoy the Kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Caritas Catholic Church is entering an exciting period.
The vision of our Church Eldership is in unity to share support and renew
the faith that was once delivered, Jude 3

The ultimate goal of
Caritas Catholic Church International
is to effectively share the Word of God and the Love of God in
Christ Jesus our Lord through His Holy Spirit.

The disciples trained today are the Church of tomorrow.